Debutante Cotillion

Debutante Cotillion

For more than 34 years, young ladies have been formally presented to the Indianapolis community and awarded scholarships through the Debutante Cotillion and Scholarship Program.  The Debutante Cotillion and Scholarship Program was developed for young ladies who are juniors and seniors in high school in order to equip, encourage and stimulate them to pursue higher education, academic excellence, personal development and civic involvement. The program focuses on the needs of minority and under-served young ladies.  Each young lady who participates will also earn and receive a scholarship toward higher education.

The program objectives are achieved through a six-month curriculum consisting of educational workshops, activities, individual & group community service, and rehearsals.  The culminating event of the program is the Debutante Cotillion and Scholarship Ball where the young ladies are formally presented to society and awarded scholarships.

Funding for the scholarships and program components come from corporate sponsorships and patron donations.  Over the years, nearly 700 participants have benefited from the program and over $1 Million in scholarships have been awarded. Additionally, participants have rendered over 20,000 hours of community service in the local Indianapolis area. Graduates of this unique program have completed undergraduate and higher levels of education as well as become productive citizens within their respective communities.

The application for the Debutante Cotillion and Scholarship Program is now available HERE!

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